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Welcome to Intro to Chromebooks! Today we'll be exploring a few key features to the new devices, as well as a brief intro to Moodle and how we can integrate the district's literacy initiatives with the technology initiative. We want the technology to work for you!

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Team 2545 - CHHS's own moodle page for everything that is robotics!

Grade 6 Engineering

Secretary's Corner

This is a general survey course introducing students to plants and their uses.

This is the entry level environmental science course at Columbia Heights High School.

Introduction to Physics.  Topics include the Scientific method, metric system, energy, motion and waves.

AP Physics with Mr. Sands

Chemistry with Mr. Kitzmann

Beginning Drawing and Painting

AP Language and Composition is a college level course designed to increase reading, writing and analytical skills, primarily in the non-fiction context, as well as, to help ready students for the AP test in the spring.

Pre-AP English 9 with Mr. Sackaroff

AP English Literature and Composition is an exciting chance for you to read great literature, have stimulating discussions, learn to refine your writing skills, and to gain college level credit and/or experience. The class will be taught within the standards laid out in the AP English Course Description. It will focus on three major areas: how to read critically, how to write in various forms, and how to combine these skills to pass the AP exam.

This class is demanding and stimulating. It is designed to take the place of Freshman English at the university level. The AP test given in the spring is your opportunity to demonstrate the expertise that you have gained in this class. To acquire that expertise requires your consistent best effort. The material we will cover will develop your reading and composition skills as well as critical thinking skills.

Media skills 101 with Mr. Sevig

This course is designed to provide young men and women with an opportunity to learn how to improve their home. This course is going to explore a number of home improvement areas. Some of the topics covered will be: hand/power tools in the home shop, basic construction, blue print reading, household electricity, pluming, etc. The students will have many opportunities to practice the skills learned in the course

In this course, young men and women will become acquainted with many of the plastic materials presently in use. Each student will become very familiar with a wide variety of plastics while actually forming, molding and casting many individual projects from plastic materials. The variety of projects each student manufactures will range in size from small items weighing a few ounces, to larger items that weigh several pounds. In addition to providing each student with a broad overview of the plastics industry, the importance of plastics in our own everyday lifestyles will be emphasized. The use of plastic products in our daily lives requires that each of us learn more about this incredible material to obtain the most for our dollar from the plastic items we purchase and use.

In this two semester course, young men and women will become acquainted with the safe operation of the woodworking tools and equipment.  Each student will become very familiar with a wide variety of woodworking techniques.  The course will provide for the safe usage of hand tools and woodworking machines such as the jointer, radial arm saw, band saw, surface sander, and table saw.  Students will progress through the building of woodworking projects that will include small pieces of furniture and other pieces of cabinetry.  The class is valuable for any student that enjoys working with wood or has a desire to develop skills transferable to a lifetime vocation.

This is Mr. Townsend's Pre-AP Engineering course

Adapted Civics with Mr. Vaseka

Mrs. Smertneck/Brann will be teaching the course and students will be taking a Baby t\Think it Over home for and evening or weekend.